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All Lift Material Handling and Construction has new Forklifts for sale, Electric Forklifts for sale ranging from 2 Tonne three wheeler Fork Lifts with Lithium Iron battery, High A/H 6 meter lift height, solid tyres, side shift ,tilt, plus electric four wheel models up to 3.5 Tonne and a 5 Tonne LPG Model.

All Lift Material Handling and Construction (All Lift MHAC) provides these Forlifts for Sale and Hire. We also offer manual lifting machines, pallet jacks, electric pallet jacks,Electric walky pallet stackers for Hire forklift hitches, container ramps and Electric scissor reach walkie forklifts. You can get electric forklifts for hire in Melbourne on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis from All Lift MHAC.

We provide forklifts for Sale at affordable prices with lithium-ion batteries that have a short charge time and longer usage times before requiring charging, compared to lead acid batteries.

All Lift MHAC provides forklift rentals in Melbourne at cost-effective prices. Forklifts for lease, each of our equipment is checked, serviced and cleaned before being leased. Explore our website to know about all the products specifications. All Forklifts for Sale and Forklifts for lease are displayed online.

Features of our Electric Forklifts for Sale

If you are looking for forklifts for sale in Melbourne, getting to know about the features is essential.

Before purchasing a Forklift or any of our material handling equipment, it is important for one of our staff to ask you the following questions.

1.How heavy is maxumum loads being lifted.

2.What is the general maximum height you need to lift.

3.How many pallets or product being lifted, moved per day, also roughly how many hours a day do you need to use the machine.

4.What are you lifting, standard pallets, extra long pallets, machinery or other.

5.Do you lift pallets, products off trucks, do you need a siccor reach Forklift.

Is the ground smooth or other?

Space restrictions also important to model best suited.

Once we know the above details we will recommend which machine we think is best suited for your need, as there are many options and prices to buy a Foklift or to lease a Forklift do vary considerably.

Safety is paramount and a cost effective machine too.

The things to consider when buying a Foklift or leasing a Forklift, when purchasing a Forklift, servicing and repairs is charged to you as ongoing matience cost, so consider the risk and cost benefit of buying a new Forklift or a second-hand forklift. Depending on the brand and age, what is wrong with a second-hand Forklift can really potentionally cost significant amounts of money more in the short or long run for your business. If you’re leasing a Forklift, the cost of servicing, repairs is covered in the lease. You also have more flexability to change or swap the machine during the lease period with All Lift MHAC as we consider your needs may change over time.

Personal service in either a Forklift sale or Forklift lease is also needed for the above reasons.

Repairs or break down issues also need prompt attention.

If you want to buy a second hand Forklift in Melbourne, you can ask All Lift to do an inspection for you. We use experienced people who specalise in the repairs of Forklifts to do an inspection.

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Some of the features of our forklifts are:

Our electric forklifts for sale are capable of meeting your business individual needs.

  • Variation in size: With forklifts of various sizes, we have forklifts with small turning circles for confined spaces.
  • Fully guaranteed forklifts: Our electric forklifts are fully warranted and guaranteed.
  • Versatility: Our forklifts can be used to load and unload light to heavy items of various types.
  • Quick charging: Our electric forklifts for sale with lithium Iron battery technology can be charged quickly where short down time is needed called opportunity charging forklift gets charged 50% in an hour and completely charged in 2 hours.

Advantages of our Forklifts in Melbourne

All Lift MHAC provides premium-quality forklifts with multiple hiring options. Another benefit, you can hire forklifts in Melbourne without any stress or hassle.

  • Tax deduction for businesses: You can include our leasing cost in your business running costs. The leasing cost is just a fraction of the purchase price of the forklift, so why not try All Lift MHAC’s forklift rentals in Melbourne.