All Lift MHAC provides a complete range of pallet stackers for hire. The parameter that defines the quality of a pallet stacker is its safety , reliability and user friendlyness. You can count on our range of pallet stackers for these qualitys. Our range is highly versatile and also custom-made to suit your requirements. Whether you need pallet stackers for confined spaces or large warehouse configurations, we provide you with the ideal equipment , we ask how high you need to lift , how heavy is estimated maxumum loads , floor type , what you are lifting , estimate how many a day etc ,then recommend what we think is cost effective , safe and suitable for the long term for your business.

We provide you with a wide range of electric and manual pallet stackers. Our electric pallet stackers are highly sustainable and energy-efficient. With quick charging and high battery backup, these stackers are noise-free as well.

Hire pallet stackers with Panagraphic , siccor reach , side shift and tilt functions for compact , high lift needs or needs were lifting ofctrucks and reach is needed we have your lifting needs accomodated , we are happy to come out to your site and give our recommendation after seeing your lifting needs ,only from All Lift MHAC. Our pallet stackers are highly comfortable and cause you minimum strain. Get maximum efficiency and productivity for your business with the ideal pallet stackers for your business.

Enquire about our pallet stackers today to know about their availability and exact price.

Features of our Manual Pallet Stackers

All Lift MHAC’s manual pallet stackers for hire are highly convenient. Here are some of the amazing features of our manual pallet stackers:

  • These stackers are compact ,use a minimum amount of energy and give maximum output to ensure a comfortable experience.
  • They are capable of lifting quite heavy loads and come in a variety of colours and sizes.
  • Our pallet stackers are really portable. They are easy to move around and store.

Hire pallet stackers which are highly practical and easy to use only from All Lift MHAC. Enquire now!

Features of our Electric Pallet Stackers

All Lift MHAC’s electric pallet stackers are highly suitable for advanced jobs. Capable of handling heavy loads up to many hundreds of kilos, these stackers handle complex tasks with utmost ease. Reduce dependency and infrastructure costs with machines that are suited for tough tasks.

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Electric lifting is best for heavy-duty activities. Here are some of the features of our electric pallet stackers:

  • Vertical stacking for optimum space utilization. Compact straddle leg options , also no straddle leg options , some wharehouses and small factorys require a compact pallet stacker that is needed to unload from trucks and stack products and material efficently as we have seen existing customers use them rigoursly to unload and stack there materials in confined spaces Store more in less space and make full use of air space with our space-efficient electric pallet stackers.
  • Our stackers comply with Australian and international safety standards – ensuring less physical strain and minimising the risk of injury.
  • Our electric pallet stackers are energy-efficient. They are highly sustainable with minimal carbon impact.

Save time and money with out complete range of electric pallet stackers available in Australia. The grip of our stackers is solid – which reduces the amount of fatigue and frustration. If you want a large amount of work to be completed in a minimum amount of time, count on All Lift MHAC’s electric pallet stackers.

All Lift MHAC offers flexible renting options for electric pallet stackers. You can rent our stackers on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis. We provide a wide range of Pallet Jack and lifting equipment for all purposes. Go through our website to know more and contact us now for any help.

What Our Customer's Say...

We run a warehouse racking business come across Michael from All Lift on google he was very polite and punctual with his service to help us with a fork lift it was delivered same day to Laverton north at our business within a few hours of calling Michael Great guy and our forklift has become my best friend. Thank you so much Michael for your great deal and service. From Joe Spinello T/As Fifty Shelves Of Grey
Thuvaraka Ananth
Thuvaraka Ananth
Reasonable price and great service, recommend to anyone.
Joshua Trytell
Joshua Trytell
fantastic customer service and good quality products at reasonable prices! Highly recommend All Lift MHAP!
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