Excavators with Lithium Iron batteries there is the single battery option or the twin battery option.

Excavators for sale, single battery option supplies 8 hours continouuse use before requiring a charge.

Charging the Excavator, charging can be done from a standard three pin 240 volt outlet. It only takes 1 hour to charge to 50 percent or two hours to completly charge.

Charging the Excavator can also be done anywhere with a mobil lithium Iron charge pack, similar to a generator although powered by Lithium Irion batttery technology.

Two battery Electric excavator for sale opption, has 16 hours continous use before requiring a charge.

Charging can be done through any standard three pin 240 Volt wall female socket or anywere with our remote lithium Iron charge pack which is an optional extra.

All Lift MHAC specialises in electric excavators for sale

Whether you want to hire an electric excavator for the many varied purposes, our excavators can be used for we provide you with the best equipment to suit your exact requirements. Our range of electric excavators are cost-effective and easily transportable.

Transportation of our electric excavator for sale or hire, you need a medium size utility or SUV, we can supply the excavator on a trailer.

With the latest technologies such as lithium-ion batteries and zero fumes output, the excavator can be used in enclosed places. Our range of electric excavators for rental purposes also have a range of attachments to assist make your excavation work efficent and easier.

Features of All Lift MHAC’s Electric Excavators for Sale

All Lift MHAC’s electric excavators for hire are really easy to use, no licence is required to opperate them and can tackle tight spaces easily and comfortably. The advanced functionality including swing boom comes with multiple features to help deal with the most complex works needed, with a 2 meter dig depth.

Our Electric excavators for rent have a range of attachments available to also rent, including Augers 200mm, 300, and 400mm, Hydraulic quick hitch, mud buckets 200mm, 300, 450 and 900mm, Hammer, rake and Thumb.

Our electric excavators for rent, we don’t charge extra for servicing or maintenance. We provide you with a lot of flexibility in the time of lease – with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual leasing, all leasing prices and attachment leasing prices are clearly advertised on our website.

If you hire electric excavators from All Lift MHAC, the leasing can be used as a part of your business running cost and is tax deductible. There is also flexability to swap or change machines during or after a lease has expiried. Get in touch with our customer care team for any questions you may have.

Our Electric excavators for sale also have mobil battery charging packs for sale, trailers and numerous attachments.

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We run a warehouse racking business come across Michael from All Lift on google he was very polite and punctual with his service to help us with a fork lift it was delivered same day to Laverton north at our business within a few hours of calling Michael Great guy and our forklift has become my best friend. Thank you so much Michael for your great deal and service. From Joe Spinello T/As Fifty Shelves Of Grey
Thuvaraka Ananth
Thuvaraka Ananth
Reasonable price and great service, recommend to anyone.
Joshua Trytell
Joshua Trytell
fantastic customer service and good quality products at reasonable prices! Highly recommend All Lift MHAP!
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