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Electric Pallet jacks are exspecially good for heavy loads , as it is safer and limits injury , inceases productivity.

All Lift MHAC Pallet Jacks for Rental ,the second most significat thing for a truck or fleet of trucks , factory whare house building sight is long term Electric Pallet Jack cost efficency for your business , we see companys loose thousands of Dollars by renting the wring type of Electric pallet jacks , cost of repairs can be very expensive so choosing the most cost efficent Electric pallet jack to hire from the beginning is important to s company as they may also need multiple Electric Pallet jacks for thetr fleet.

Get pallet jack for hire only from All Lift MHAC. We have a huge range which includes standatd 685 wide x 1200 , Euro Pallet Jacks 550 wide by 1200 , 2400mm long Pallet Jacks , Nylon and Polurethane wheel options lift equipment, electric pallet jack and forklifts. Our range of equipment is capable of carrying the heaviest of loads. Equipped with high-quality lithium-ion batteries, All Lift MHAC offers a wide range of pallet jacks for hire.

With our range, it is easy to manage your individual and business needs. Our flexible rental options allow you to hire pallet jacks on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual basis. When you rent our pallet jacks, we take care of the maintenance and servicing ,repairs ,we will also supply you another Electric Pallet jack , if yours is being serviced or repaired so there is no down time to your business at no extra costs as all those serices are included in the rental price.

All Lift MHAC offers highly cost-effective electric pallet jacks for hire. Our electric pallet jacks can be charged over 50% in less than an hour. Once fully charged, the running time of the battery is quite high giving you better cost efficency.

Choose All Lift MHAC as your go-to store for pallet jacks. Hire now!

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Hire Electric Pallet Jack with Advanced Features

All Lift MHAC provides the most versatile range of pallet jacks for hire. If you rent our pallet jacks, you can show them as part of your business running costs.

Some amazing features of our electric pallet jacks hire are:

Options with two support wheels one on either side of drive wheel for extra stability when moving high loads. and our range is fully warranted and guaranteed.
Low-cost solution: With high efficiency, cost-effective prices, and flexible rental options, our range offers the highest return on investment among all pallet jack suppliers in Australia.
Versatility: Our pallet jacks for hire have a 2 Tonne lift model with a 48 Volt 30 A/H Lithium Irion Battery variety of uses – which include loading and unloading heavy stuff and extra pull, push power up and down slopped surfaces. Our range can be used by a wide variety of industries for different purposes.
features such as automatic braking and easy maintaince and repairs make our designs among the most efficient in the world. Highly practical and functional, our range is ideal for busy individuals and business people.

Hire electric pallet jacks that come with remote battery chargers. We have specialised models for different kinds of environments – including extremely cold conditions. Enquire about your desired machine now and get the best only from All Lift MHAC.

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All Lift MHAC has a large stock of pallet jacks for hire which we keep updating. With advanced features such as removal of Battery for charging if needed. Our electric pallet jacks for hire offer better efficiency in loading and unloading for drivers , with thete compact design Whether you need jacks for general lifting purposes or specific purposes, let us know.

Our team of experts helps you find the ideal pallet jack on the basis of your requirement. We take care of the maintenance and in case you require repair services. Count on our reliable support services and hire our pallet jacks today.