FORKLIFT RENTAL (AL-CDD-AY15) – 1.5 Tonne Fully Electric Walkie Stacker – Starting from $135/Week

Rental Price:

  • $220 a day
  • $510 a week
  • $1040 a month
  • $163 a week for 3 months
  • $149 a week for 6 months
  • $135 a week for 12 months


Fully Electric Walkie Stacker
  • Wheels at front
  • 1.5 Tonne lift
  • Height 3.5M
  • The overall length is 2850mm
  • 24V/210A/H Traction Battery

The distinct feature of this machine is that the wheels are at the front, so there is no need to worry about hitting pallets or anything in front of it.

It is well priced and easy to use and no forklift license is required.


Pick up available from 22 Stephenson road Seaford VIC3198, Ph: 03 9563 1508


We can deliver: $120 Delivery $120 Pick up



  • There is no large sum of money tied up on machinery.
  • New to later model of equipment is leased for better reliability.
  • There are no servicing & maintaining costs as this is included in the lease
  • Flexibility with the length of time having and leasing machines.
  • Newer model and/or another machine available after lease contract expires.
  • Leasing is tax deductible as a part of your business running cost and its only a fraction of the outright purchase price.


Product Specification



Model Unit CPD-AY15
Rated load Kg 1500
Load center distance mm 500
Weight(with battery) Kg 1350-1550
Lifting height of fork mm 1600/2000/2500/3000/3500
Height of the gantry is lowed mm 2080/1580/1830/2080/2330
Maximum height of forklift work mm 2080/2500/3000/3500/4000
minimum ground clearance mm 65
driving wheel mm φ210*80
front wheel mm φ180*70/2
auxiliary wheel mm φ100*50/2
Overall length mm 2900
Fork size mm 35*100*1100
Overall width mm 840
Channel width(1000*1200) mm 3100
Driving speed, full load/no load Km/h 5/5.5
Lifting speed, full load/no load m/s 0.08/0.1
Service brake Electromagnetic brake
Driving motor power kw 0.75(AC)
Lifting motor power kw 2.2(DC)
Battery 24v Ah 210
Battery weight kg 195
charger time h 8–10
using time h 6–8
Noise level DB(A) <70


Trailer is also available for hire if you need to move things, It also can be used as transporting this lifting equipment you need, straps also available 2 tonne load capacity, inside size 2430mm long, 1470mm wide.

Hire rates: $144 a day, $429 a week, $1650 a month.

Please CLICK HERE for more information on hiring the trailer.

Ute hire also available $75 a day. See pictures.

Ph: 03 9563 1508