2.35 Tonne Electric Excavator (AL-KE25)




This 2.35 Tonne Fully Electric Excavator comes with cabin, swing boom, 450mm,650mm,1000mm mud buckets. 72 volt, 200 A/H Lithium iron battery.
8 hours continuous use before charging, takes 2 hours to fully charge, can be opportunity charged 1 hour for 4 hours of use, etc..

Electric Excavator Attachments:

Save around $45 a day on diesel
No need to obtain or store diesel
Save on not needing to replace engine filters or engine oil
Reduced maintenance costs on labor
Excavator can be used in confined places where fumes are toxic, it has no fumes.,
Lithium iron batteries- it can be opportunity charged 50% charged in 1 hour, fully charged in 2 hours.
Charging can be done on job site remotely with the ALL LIFT portable battery charger, battery charger is lithium iron
technology no diesel, no petrol consumption cheap and 100% green. The ALL LIFT charger generator can also be used to power
tools, machines on your job sites too.
Also, charging can be done at home, factory anywhere with a standard 240 volt wall socket adaptor supplied.
No toxic fumes-The fumes from diesel engines are very harmful to people and environment, tests prove the facts speak on diesel
engine emissions, I have read them personally and know the facts.
Batteries are easily replaceable however as they are lithium iron last 5 to 10 years as technology improves hopefully longer.

No need to charge
Cheaper to buy a diesel powered excavator but not a lot cheaper

Product Specification

Telescopic tracks in 1090mm To extended 1400mm extendable tracks
Width 1040mm
Platform ground clearance 446mm
Total height 2200mm
Transport Length 3830mm
Maximum digging Depth 2350mm
Maximum digging distance 3850mm
Maximum uploading height 2830mm
Radius of Gyration 1680mm
Travel speed 6klm/h
Weight 2350kg